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The AWAHA, Association Welferdingeoise des Amis de l’Histoire (Association of History’s Friends from Welferding) offers, in partnership with the Tourism Office of Sarreguemines Confluences a walk through the streets of the former village of Welferding.
The guided tour includes the main elements of the local heritage: the Marian monument, the former mill Goepp, l’Auberge Saint Walfrid (Saint Walfrid Inn), the former farm of the Benedictines, a half-timbering house, the Priory, the church, the House of the tithe, the house of Excise, the place du Souvenir français (French Souvenir Square) that formerly shelted the buildings of the Tuileries (tile factory), the Welferding’s station, the Welferding’s jail…
All along the trip, you’ll learn about the monuments’ history.
The guides are Mrs. Arlette Kremer, the president of the association, and Mr. Raymond Killian.